Comments and Memes Compilation during Tekla and Michelle's Feud

A lot of things happened this week on social media, especially to those people who were involved in the issues that bombarded our news feeds with so many controversies. The topic regarding GMA rising entertainer, Super Tekla hasn't yet seized as people kept digging on things that could be used against the allegations that his live-in partner Michelle has been claiming to Raffy Tulfo.

On the one-week-long teleserye life of Tekla and Michelle on Raffy Tulfo in Action, many netizens have reacted and waiting for what happened next.

In part 1 Tekla is in the hot seat after his partner Michelle Bana-ag accused him of forcing her to have sex with him on Raffy Tulfo in Action. Many netizens reacted to this and become trending on social media.

They also made a Meme about Tekla forcing Michelle to have sex with him.

But after part 2 to 7, the blew differently after some friend and manager of Tekla and even his ex defend him from the accusations. It much worsens for Michelle's side because after Michelle challenging to take the drug test and withdrew it after her aunt said that she might get sick if they cut her hair.

Netizens also searched for some past photos of  Michelle and her family before the issue began. They also made a meme about this and hilarious comments on social media.

Even Raffy Tulfo said that it was finally over many netizens are still waiting for what happened next because there are so many questions that have not been answered like did Tekla get her son to Michelle or is Michelle are positive on drugs.

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