Buboy Villar and Angillyn Gorens Are Now Separated

Buboy Villar and partner Angillyn Gorens broke up. It is after Angillyn confirmed the shocking news. She confirmed this through her younger sister Verbillyn Gorens. According to her, Buboy and her have broken up a few years ago. However, they only tried to save their relationship for the sake of their children. 

They already have two children Vlanz Karollyn, at the age of 3, and George Michael, at the age of 1. Angillyn added that they tried to fix their relationship for two years until they admit that their relationship has no longer hope. She clarified that it is a mutual decision between her and Buboy. 

Both of them agreed to just fulfill their responsibilities to their children. They do not prohibit each other to be with their children. The ex-couple are now just co-parenting with their two children. Moreover, Angillyn also explained why their children are with her parents. It is because the actor has been busy with his tapings. His mom has another kids to look after to so they both decided that Angillyn’s parents will take care of their kids.

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