An Actress is Disgusted With the Idea of Her and DJ Loonyo

Actress Lauren Young expressed her disgust with the idea of her with social media personality, DJ Loonyo. Lauren is known for her frank and straightforward statements. Even with the other issues, she discussed on her social media accounts, Lauren doesn't seem to bother as long as she stands for what she believes and what is right.

When a netizen asked her if there's any chance with her and DJ Loonyo if he would court the actress, the netizen even said that he was only asking for a friend of his. Lauren, on the other side, undoubtedly admits that she is disgusted. Many people admired and were entertained by her answer.

It all started when Lauren expressed her annoyance against Loonyo after his statement in a live stream saying that wearing a mask is as much as inhaling your own fart. Lauren finds the statement stupid and funny. 

Just like other netizens who can't hold back expressing their thoughts against Loonyo. It caused Lauren to gain bashers from Loonyo's supporters but also she was able to catch the attention of some people and admired her for telling her opinion.

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