Alessandra de Rossi affected by Jennylyn Mercado's Twitter post

An innuendo is when you say something which is polite and innocent on the surface but indirectly hints at an insult or rude comment,  a dirty joke, or even social or political criticism. Innuendos are commonly used in everyday conversation as a socially acceptable way to be critical, mean, sexual, humorous, or even flirtatious. The word innuendo comes from the Latin phrase inner meaning to “make a sign to” or “nod to.”

Firstly, Jennylyn Mercado posted on her official account noted that Filipinos often comment on other people’s weight during gatherings.

Then, Alessandra de Rossi replied that the comment she usually receives is about her improving looks noting that people may have criticized her before about her physical appearance. She then added that she’s glad that she wasn’t aware of this, as it may have affected her self-esteem.

Jennylyn is popular for her direct Twitter posts about current events and societal issues in the country. Allesandra, on other hand, was known for sharp-witted comments on Twitter. She recently pokes fun at her Twitter trolls and the Manila Bay Rehabilitation project

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