After Janine Berdin's Alleged Surgery, Photos of other Celebrities Went Viral Online

 Plastic and reconstructive surgery helps patients of all ages and types - ranging from the child with a birth defect, to the young adult injured in an accident, or the older adult with a problem caused by aging. It helps them to become more beautiful and younger or to build some confidence in their physical appearance

But Filipinos aren’t comfortable in matters of cosmetic surgery. People are usually judgmental towards people especially celebrities who have undergone surgical enhancements.

It also becomes a big deal for Filipino when comparing the looks of Filipino and South Korean. They say that all Korean actress undergoes plastic surgery and it is not a natural beauty.

Here are some Filipino celebrities who are suspected undergo plastic surgery:

There are some celebrities who tell that they undergo plastic surgery and some others denied it. But even though they've already made a statement, not everyone would believe them. Judgments from others will remain as long as we live. So I suggest you just live your life the way you wanted it.

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