A Woman Went Shopping Worth P71, 795 Using Stolen Credit Card

A woman allegedly went shopping using stolen credit cards, according to a report. The woman allegedly spent more than P71,000 using credit cards that stole from its owner inside an exclusive membership grocery on Congressional Avenue, Quezon City. The thief allegedly got five credit cards from the victim.

Around 3 p.m. the theft occurred. Based on records, around 6 p.m. first successfully used one of the credit cards. The suspect spent more than P25,000. After a few minutes, the suspect bought a microphone for P14,200. 

After a while, the thief bought expensive clothes for P8,865. 

It was seen on the CCTV that the thief just signed every time she bought something. Exactly 7:03 p.m. when the thief bought dumbbell plates for P6,600 using stolen credit cards. 

After that, she went to the grocery store and reached P16,586. In total, the thief spent up to P71,796.

The victim's wife complained that the cashiers did not seem to care if the signature on the credit card was the same as the thief's signature. It all happened before the owner blocked his stolen credit cards. It is said that it will take 60 to 100 days before the bank issue a decision on whether to accept the victim's story or she will still pay the thief's expenses.

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