A Student Who Bought Laptop Online Received a Rock

A student who is preparing for online classes bought a laptop only to receive a rock. In these challenging times, where the world adjusts itself for the pandemic that is happening. All of the transactions are limited, and the way to resolve it is by doing it through the internet. Jobs, communication, and even education are through online platforms.

That's why a student bought a laptop as his preparation for his upcoming online class. His parents saved the money from fishing so that he could use it for the school year. That's why he was shocked and heartbroken when he received the package and later on found out that the box does not contain his laptop instead of three pieces of rocks.

The post immediately reached thousands of people. Now some offer to help to receive his refund or buy him a new laptop. But according to others, the situation is not the seller's fault, instead of the delivery guy who manages delivery packages. Other people even shared the same experience about purchasing stuff, but they received rocks or other things as a replacement.

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