21-Year-Old Video Game Fan Dies From Cancer Days After Playing Unreleased Game Granted By Nintendo

A man who is battling cancer for the third time has died days after a viral campaign for him helped him achieve his 'ultimate dream' to play an unreleased video game. The kindness of strangers brought Chris Taylor to tears after he told of his fears two weeks ago that he would not be alive when Nintendo released Super Smash Bros. Ultimate game in December.

Thousands online rallied behind Chris and urged Nintendo to allow him early access to it, and their pleas were answered. When the game was delivered to his house, Chris couldn't believe his wish came true. The avid gamer, from Ontario in Canada, was diagnosed with a bone cancer called Osteosarcoma and was told in July he had three to six months left to live. His brother Zach last night announced Chris had died surrounded by friends and family in the comfort of his own home.

The online campaign for Chris to play the latest in the popular series was sparked on September 13 when he admitted it was "childish to despair over a video game" but it broke his heart to think he would never play it. Chris expressed his fear of not playing the video game, he cleared that he knew how childish he was but he can't just stop because he value the game too much. Since the news of his death, many people from the gaming community expressed their sympathy to Chris and his family.

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