Zef Juan Will Be Facing Charges for Meeting Up with His Online Girlfriend

After the trend from the famous television show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho about the couple who met for the first time after months of communicating online. The woman rushed to the man's location because he's a soldier and their troop is moving headed to their mission as they stopped over near his girlfriend's city. 

Their encounter was recorded by the woman's friends, and as soon as it was uploaded, the video went viral.

Their love story was featured on TV. But days after the episode was aired, past lovers of the soldier named Zef Juan appeared and claiming how Zef destroyed and broke their hearts. The story became a controversy. Moreover, a netizen noticed how inappropriate Zef did as a soldier leaking a piece of confidential information to a girl he just met online. The post even said that Zef must be responsible and his action must be reviewed because he didn't consider the harm he may cause. 

The girl can be a suicide bomber or an NPA knowing that their troop is heading to a mission. Luckily for Zef, an innocent woman showed up, but the situation may be horrifying if the one who showed up is not an innocent woman.

The opinion was on point that many netizens agreed to the statement and said that there will always a proper time and place for their love but not in the middle of a restricted mission. 

The post even reminds them to separate their jobs to their private lives, because if the occurrence went worse crime was inflicted in the situation and Zef may harm his colleagues' lives.

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