Zef Juan clarified the issue about his 6-year ex-girlfriend

The trending video about the couple who met for the first time after months since they met online was featured on the famous television show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. Based on the video and story by the couple. The man was a soldier and currently stopped over a city near her girlfriend, the woman rushed to the location because 10 minutes is all she got before they work cause their troop is moving headed to their mission. Their encounter was recorded by the woman's friends, and as soon as it was uploaded, the video went viral.

Days after the video was aired, a girl claimed to be the soldier's girlfriend for over six years and has shared how Zef Juan the soldier broke her heart. The issue is still viral and people can't move on about what happened to Zef and his ex-girlfriend 6 years ago. There are still many who shares their opinion on what happened. 
Zef had the opportunity to be included in a Television segment, and at that point, he shared a story about his recent ex-girlfriend. It started a quarrel with Cy Lee (Zef's Ex) because she said how Zef manipulated and lied about the truth behind their separation.

Now, Zef has clarified about them, and here is his full statement:
"I tend not to post nor reply to any comments regarding this issue for sake of everybody ug sa pag aakala na maging okay lang BUT it triggered me kay murag mag d cla katulog dili gyud makita maguba ang is aka tao. This post is to clarify things and for those sawsawera/sawsawero..

Bear with me..

1st is About sa ex ko na na two time daw? nag trending kame Nung April na akala Ng lahat masaya pa kame non. But on May 4 break na kame. She is in her new relationship last June 3 (I think?)and mine is June 30, so paano naging two time yun.. for those people nagaingon dali lang kuno nakamove on, try to consider also d other side.

Second is about sa "MyLoves" from Bohol..Yes, nag ka MU kame dati. Pero D PO NAGING KAME... I just pray na makakita din xa nang guy na Maka KMJS nya..(Kidding aside) ❤️"

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