Zef Juan and Online Girlfriend Caught Violating Pandemic Protocol

The viral video clip of the couple who met for the first time after months of chatting online was featured on a television show Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho. The man was a soldier and currently stopped over a city near her girlfriend, the woman rushed to the location the man's troop is moving headed to their mission.

Days after the video was aired, a girl claimed to be the soldier's girlfriend for over six years appeared and she said that Zef manipulated and lied about the truth behind their separation.

Zef has clarified about them as he posted his side on his Facebook account. Issues after issued started to appear and Zef's name became popular because of his offensive doings. He may even be pressed charges for sharing their troop's location for a girl he just met online and hasn't even met personally.

Now he has another issue rising, a photo of him together with a girl is now rounding online and is now trending. As seen in the photo they are beside a car and they were obviously kissing. The woman's face was not clearly seen but it resembles her current girlfriend who went for him in their stopover. Zef and her girlfriend may face serious charges for violating quarantine protocols.

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