Ylona Garcia Finally Answered the Bashers who talks about her Uneven Breast

Physical Appearance is somehow a big deal to others. They are judging every person by looking at their physical features. Without things, the possibilities t5he the differences between structures. Knowing that each and everyone has a different form of the body. However, it should not be the reason to body shaming also we are not allowed to judge someone. Throw shame is a way of discriminating against others.

Recently, Ylona Garcia gets bashed by the netizen for her uneven boobs. Asking and judging her, why it is like that. Every girl has its own unique attributes. But it doesn't mean that having saggy boobs is wrong. There's a medical study why it is like that. And for the knowledge of everyone, it is normal to have uneven or saggy boobs knowing that it is consisting of fats and whenever the person gain or lose weights, literally it affects all the formation of body parts.

Finally, after getting bashed in her sando selfie without a bra, Ylona speaks up against the bashers. Ylona is one celebrity s that a lot of people criticize her like she did something wrong.

"Everyone is entitled to their opinion and I respect that. But in my opinion, I feel sorry for them"- Ylona said.

" Giving a comment about a person's physicality, they're basically judging the person based on their standards"- Ylona said

" If they cannot appreciate God's creation (including us, human) then they're just plain disrespecting God" -Ylona added

In terms of this situation, Ylona is not only the one who gets bashed by their physical appearance, look back then, but Julia Barreto also experience the same

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