Xyriel Manabat's Photos Goes Against Instagram's Guidelines

Xyriel Manabat's Instagram post violates community regulation, according to Instagram. She became viral after she created an Instagram account and appeared on social media after finishing high school. People started to notice her body figure and began to sexual abuse Xyriel. There are lots of lewd comments regarding her body. Perverts started to mob her pictures.


Days after the incident, Xyriel posted to her Instagram story. She expressed how shocked she was after Instagram notified her that her posts are against their community guidelines. She questioned Instagram how come those who violated her didn't go against their rules. While her photo has nothing wrong that overstep rules and regulations in social media, specifically on Instagram.

Xyriel is calm and still despite thousands of people who sexually abuse her. She stood to what she knows is right that there is nothing wrong with her photo wearing a shirt, but its the people's minds who think ill of her body. People reacted to her story. Some defended the actress while others believed that it was the right thing that happened. 

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