Xian Gaza Desperately Borrows One Thousand Pesos to his Friends

Xian Gaza became popular after his grand gestured to Kapamilya actress Erich Gonazales to ask her out for a coffee date. He was even involved in illegal matters yet he managed to escape from them. Now he is still viral and continuing to post online to share his life experiences and lessons with other people.

He even admits that he used to borrow 1,000 just to survive for three days because he only has two pesos with him. He posted screenshots of conversations with friends and acquaintances who he used to approach.

Some of them rejected him because they also lack in money. However, one from his friends he desperately approached immediately agreed and sent money to him.

He captioned his post saying "MGA PANAHONG WALANG-WALA AKO SA BUHAY".  Xian even confessed that he used to fit a 3,500 pesos for a week to all of his expenses, rent, food, and bills to pay. Xian Gaza is now earning lots of money, according to him in his several Facebook posts.


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