Xian Gaza Caught Flirting with Buboy Villar’s Wife

 Xian Gaza was popularly known as the person who tries to ask celebrities out on a date through an outrageous and unwarranted way of doing it. He once asked Kapamilya actress Erich Gonzales for a coffee date posted on a billboard along Morayta. He, later on, made himself known in social media and was tagged as the “Pambansang Scammer”.

And now he made a move to Buboy Villar’s wife Angilyn Gores. 

Xian Gaza has shared the screenshots of his conversation with the partner of Villar along with the reaction of the actor to it. The caption was “BREAKING NEWS: “SOCIAL MEDIA HOKAGE XIAN GAZA, NILAND1 ANG ASAWA NG ISANG AKTOR… SOPLAK!!!”. In the screenshot posted it is seen that Xian initiated the conversation. 

He was aking if he could let Angilyn check if his outfit match good. Buboy’s wife even said “go” and xian sent his whole-body mirror shot and placing an emoji in his crotch area. Angilyn answered back saying “ako meron din ako sesend sayo, gusto mo? Wait” and sent Buboy’s face with a middle finger pose.

Xian gaza was slammed after that and even commented on his own post saying “Lesson: “Huwag lum@ndi ng may asawa” I’m sorry Buboy Jr. Villar” but Buboy didn’t respond. Lots of netizens got angry and shared their opinion through the comment section. Xian Gaza has his way making unwarranted move on other girls and celebrity.

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