Woman Was Forced to Insert a Bottle to Her Private Part

Humanity is getting worse day by day. Whether we want it or not, some people do cruel things to others to satisfy their own. Crimes are getting worse, and some humans are craving for other's pain and fear. Sometimes we see those occur in television, others are hidden from us, the public.

Like recently, a woman in the hospital was examined and undergone an X-ray examination. 

Doctors later found out that there was a bottle inserted into her vagina. 

The doctor tried to take it off from the woman's body, they succeeded. Everyone was relieved for the poor woman. There is still no official statement yet about the woman's condition or how she got to the hospital.

Speculations from other people are flooding, and some think it is a rape crime. But as mentioned earlier, humanity is getting worse, that other people find the situation funny and entertaining. Moreover, the hospital and doctors were relieved and thankful that they were able to help the poor woman.   

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