Why Toni Fowler is in Raffy Tulfo in Action

Social media personality Toni Fowler went to Raffy Tulfo and reported fake pages using her videos. She became a vlogger after she got involved in the third party issue between Jelai Andres and Jon Gutierrez. Before, Toni is just part of a sexy female group that goes out in different events to perform. Since she was connected to the issue of Jon and Jelai, Toni tried to enter a “new life.” That is making Youtube and Facebook videos.

Toni uploads videos about her daily life, pranks, and bonding moments with her daughter. She usually gets thousands of viewers on social media. However, it turns out that Toni has fake accounts on Facebook that also have millions of followers. 

She believes that these pages are also earning money more than how much she earns. Fowler decided to bring this matter to Raffy Tulfo In Action. She first made a video asking netizens to help her call the attention of the program.

The vlogger even explained that she stopped vlogging for a while because of the fake pages that are reuploading her videos on social media. When the program uploaded the video on their Youtube Channel. Toni thanked the team for giving her a chance given that many are in line just to seek help.

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