Vlogger Accidentally Caught Searching for Pornographic Videos

Vloggers Marydel Mitch Separa and Cladge are one of the couples who established a YouTube Channel containing videos about their relationships. They do different trending challenges or just a request from a fan. They use their relationship as content for their Vlogs. They started the year 2017.

In one of their vlogs, Cladge was about to prank her girlfriend his screen is visible to the vlog but they didn't seem to notice the search history from Cladge's phone. He was searching for pornographic videos online. Many people started to notice it and even made a short clip emphasizing that part from their vlog.

Some find it offensive considering they might have a minor viewer. As an influencer, they need to take care of the content they release, especially now that children can easily access the internet. Moreover, some accused that it is scripted, and was intended to be shown to gain popularity.


searchengine.mp4 @rosmartan @therealgfkongpalaban

♬ original sound - cladge vlogs

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