Translated News: Filipinos were Featured in Korean news SBS just this morning.

We are all alarmed in these past few days about the argument or issue that the Korean and the Philippines may have. Knowing that it all begins with the famous Filipina Tiktoker who has a controversial tattoo that makes some Korean annoyed due to it is correlated with some colonial issue of their country during past times.

Lots of netizens of Korean bashed and discriminate against all the Filipino including the country. Therefore, to the countrymen of the Philippines didn't make it passed they all stand as one and contradict all the arguments that Korean has, however not all are on the same side. Others are considering the facts and issues that the Koreans Throw. In this case, it became trending in social media with the use of #cancelKorea and #cancelPhillipines.

On the Otherside, there's news in Korea pertaining to the said issue. And it is translated to the following.

"This is a video posted last September 5th (showing Bella's dancing video) The arm has the Japanese Flag, Koreans had become angry and she apologized to Koreans. But some Koreans had left racist comments and Filipinos became angry. It's connected to #cancelkorea. Some Koreans had apologized to Filipinos but there are some people who tore and spitted on the Philippines Flag. It caused the Filipinos to feel bad about it. The issue went viral in the Philippines. (Korea Government Lady) Nowadays, hard season in the Philippines. 

I am worried that Koreans might be the target in the Philippines. Spitting on the flag can cause it, it is really bad.

During Lockdown, they are watching Korean Dramas and the image of Korea became good and the Philippines thought Koreans looked down on Filipinos so they felt bad. (News Reporter) In the Philippines, they are making heart instead of fighting, to make it better. We should act well."

Here is the clip of the Korean News that has been translated above.

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