Toni Fowler's Basher Reacted To Raffy Tulfo In Action

Basher's account posted hate speech to Toni Fowler on Facebook. Toni is a social media personality. She gained her popularity after being involved with celebrity and social media couple JoLai, Jelai Andres, and Jon Gutierrez. They became the talk of the Facebook community after the third party issue. They even let the public knew their problem by doing live videos and telling everyone their side of the story.

After the issue, Toni focused on her child and started to build her vlogging career. But now she decided to stop for a while because of numerous Facebook pages using her name and content that she knew is also monetize and earning much more than she does. 

Toni even reported to Tulfo a Facebook account who posted hate speech to her. However, hours after, a woman named Stephanie Joy Gelua announced that it is her photo used by the used Lauren Gayle, but she is not Lauren. She cleared her name after receiving messages from friends who were able to watch the episode on YouTube.

Toni Fowler still has no official statement regarding the issue. Lots of people are helping Stephanie to clear her name because it may ruin her reputation by mentioning Toni's account to the post. As of now the anonymous Lauren Gayle is not yet revealed.

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