This YouTuber Pranks a Kite Seller, Ordering Bulk but Did Not Pay for Any of it

Amid in this Pandemic were lots of people experiencing a lack of financial support. And to be able to survive each day we all do a strategy on how to make an income even if it is a minimal amount. We use our social media account like Facebook and Youtube Knowing that it has a huge amount of usage from each person. However, considering the fact that there's a lot of people using this platform to sell things or provide service.

 Lots of people making their content ahead or unique from the others. But we know that even if we serve a unique product or content we cannot deny that it is difficult to notice by all people so that our income will increase. Despite the difficulty, we keep on trying and think at least we make income. The saddest part of this way is if there's someone do a prank on you. Nevermind the effort you exerted. They don't care about you as long as they do want they just want.

Recently, there's a viral post on social media pertaining to a seller pranked by his buyer. The Netizen name Khikay Pangilinan angrily shares the story of how her older brother, make a kite to his buyer name Jane Aquino.

According to Khikay, Jane the buyer of the kite show impatient to his brother for not able to quickly made the Kites that she wanted. Also when the time of meeting up to delivered the Kites, she also acts that way, for being awaited for too long. They agreed to meet up at the gas station but when the kite maker was heading there, she claimed to have gone back to the house to get another phone as hers had a low battery.

Then, the woman tried to haggle as she offered a kiss in exchange for a discount to which the kite maker did not agree to. The poor kite maker was tired as he reached the gas station on his bike, only for the woman to tell him she’s heading to the McDonald’s outlet in another part of the town.

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