This Man Disarms this Offender with a Knife Just by giving him a Hug

In this life, we may experience a lot of happenings. Some may bring us happiness and sadness. The other was threatens and fear. However we can't just wait or hide from that situation, instead, we should take care, aware and prepared. We can't please everyone to be good and take care of us. However, we can do good for them so that they will return it. Life must go on no matter what happens. We can't escape the reality that we can't control what may happen nest, we should be ready for all sake.

Recently, there's a viral post on social media. It was a video clip taken in Huai Khwang a police station in Bangkok Thailand. In the video, you may see that the man was entered the police station holding a knife. He try6 to threaten the policeman who approaching him. The man was a meter away forme the police, he just standing there and not taking down the knife. The police were trying to approach him in a good way. Anirut, the police, also shows to the man that he was harmless so that the man will lessen the fear.

When the man, trusted the police that he will not hurt him. The man surrenders the knife to the officer. But instead, the police cuff him fir the threaten he brought. The police hugged him to lessen the fear and stress that the man experiencing. After what happened, when the man finally calm. The man cries in the chest of the Officer and apologizes to him.

" I guess from my experience that I could handle him, He didn't mean to harm anyone. He was just stressed out." - The police said.

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