The Mysterious Blue Eye Tribe in Indonesia

The Lingon tribe is one of the mysterious tribe located in the hinterland of East Halmahera forest, North Maluku Province, Indonesia. Indonesia is an archipelagic country in the Southeast Asian region. Numerous kinds of tribes exist in the country because Indonesia has 34 provinces. Each province has its unique characteristics as a tribe. There are many indigenous tribes that we don't know, among which there are tribes that are still very mysterious existence. 

They say a story that this tribe originally comes from Europeans who cannot go back to where they came from because the ship that they were riding drowned. It began with the discovery of a ship that sank near the waters of Halmahera. They are estimated to be 300 years old. The ship allegedly originated from and transported the Europeans in an accident and eventually drowned in the waters of Halmahera. 


Survivors can't return to their place of origin. They tried to find a place to live and settle on the island. But unfortunately, they lost in the struggle for territory with local people due to a lack of weapons to defend themselves. They went deeper and settled amid the forest is in the middle of the hinterland of East Halmahera forest. It was here that the Europeans then built settlements, and formed a community of people, called the Lingon tribe.

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