The Esports Industry Pushing Shinboo to Correct Mistakes, Testify for Kaisaya

Em Dangla, also know as Kaisaya, a shoutcaster at the Esports industry. Recently posted the story of the injustice on the sexual harassment she experienced. Zeus Torquator who allegedly disseminate the private video of Kaisaya and ex-boyfriend Aaron Laxamana. And after collecting testifiers, they, later on, backed out and she can't do anything but to move on and be resilient despite the mental torture she experienced.

Many Esports brand expressed their support to Kaisaya and even pushing Shinboo who posted blackmails to Zeus regarding the past case to testify and correct his wrongdoings. They even encourage other people to stand up and raise their voices, because this time they will be heard and they will be supported by the esports industry. Kaisay herself even advocates the same thing, she does not wish for people to stand up quickly, but to build their courage and be brave enough to raise their voices.

Now that the industry showed support, many people commended Kaisaya for the braveness and courage she portrayed, she opened the gates for those people who fear to be abandoned and left alone. Kaisaya ended her statement advising people to be objective and seek legal advice as the first step to approach the issue.

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