The Battle of Yultong Korean War: How 1,468 Filipino Soldiers Defeated 40,000 Chinese Troops

The Battle of Yultong also known as the Battle of Meiluodong was a battle of the Korean War. It was a clash between the Chinese People's Volunteer Army in the 44th Division and the Filipino in 10th Battalion Combat Team (BCT), north of Yeoncheon on April 22–23, 1951. 

The Chinese mobilized three field armies totaling 700,000 men for the operation, the Chinese 44th Division attacked the US 65th Infantry Regiment of the US 3rd Infantry Division near Yeoncheon on the night of April 22. The Filipino 10th BCT, part of the 65th Infantry Regiment, was soon trapped in the Yultong area. 

Exactly 61 years ago, from April 22-23, 1951, 1,468 Filipino soldiers of the 10th BCT of the Philippine Expeditionary Force To Korea (PEFTOK) successfully defended and threw back the numerically superior Chinese People's Volunteer Army (CPVA)'s 44th Infantry Division and the North Korean People's Army (NKPA) numbering about 40,000 in non-stop fighting that drew widespread admiration --- even from the enemy. 

The Chinese and North Korean invasion caught the South Korean and Allied Forces by surprise. Nevertheless, the Filipinos stood their defensive position and continued fighting, and forced the enemy to retreat and allowed U.S. 3rd Division to withdraw.

It was the battle at Yultong that the Filipinos once again proved their bravery in combat that made real the words of Gen. Douglas McArthur during the fighting in Bataan in the Second World War when he said: “Give me 10,000 Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world.”

Watch this video animation of the great Yultong War:

At the height of the gun battle in Yultong, the Filipinos were pinned down but still managed to launch a counter-attack driving the Chinese and North Koreans away. The Philippines is second among 21 Allied Forces to receive two “Taegeuk Medals” (Medal for Valor). It is South Korea’s highest military decoration given to a soldier for bravery in combat during the Korean War.

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