#SuperTyphoon "Haishen" hits Busan, South Korea today!

Natural phenomena such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami, and rainstorms can all destroy us. It can shatter buildings and houses. Sometimes its destruction causes death to live creatures. Countries around the globe are experiencing this and sometimes when the phenomena are too much to handle. Nations are helping each other to recover from the damage and helped people especially those who are truly affected by the occurrence.

Now that the pandemic is happening and the world is struggling to revive its economy. A typhoon named Haishen hits Busan in South Korean. The typhoon created huge destruction and flood the city. 

Roads were filled with the muddy flood, houses were partly demolished and huge waves of water crashed the city. 

Photographs were taken from the event and it is seen how the city was affected.
Amid the pandemic and now the typhoon Haishen happened to the nation. It is uncertain how things will be settled for the city of Busan in South Korea. News also told that "Haishen" made its landfall on the Southern Part of Japan, now South Korea is facing the Strongest typhoon of the year. Let's offer a prayer for their country and to all the people that were affected by the typhoon.

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