Student Pretends to Lose Someone to Avoid School Requirements

In the Facebook community, whenever there are people who change their profile or display pictures with plain black or an image of a candle, it means that they have lost someone close to their hearts. They use it as a sign to express their grieving and mourning to the passing of someone close to them that truly affected them.

This is what a netizen had done like almost all of the Facebook user would do, but the difference is he did it just to be excused in a school requirement. After changing his profile pictures, there are some from his friends who reacted with the photo in a sad reaction, and some even commented. One of his classmates decided to direct message him and asked who passed away. Surprisingly the student replied with honesty saying that it was just for an act and no one died, he just needs to pull an act to be able to have a valid reason to pass his school projects next week beyond the deadline.

Many people find it disrespectful and offensive for those people who truly lost someone. They find the reason pathetic and immature. But some took the situation as a joke and just laughed at it. The conversation was posted by his classmate who directs message him on Facebook.

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