Streamer Accidentally Flashed Her Private Photos and Videos on Live Stream

Video game streamer is one of the trends these days, where they play different kinds of video games and just simply play it. Whatever you do, or how you play a certain game, as long as your audience is entertained, your live stream will go on. This is one of the trends aside from vlogging and creating content on YouTube and Facebook.

Streamers only go live commonly on Facebook. The audience is allowed to send them stars that can be converted as money. Because it's live steam, whatever you do or say cannot be erased or edit out. An incident happened to a streamer who was live streaming, and to be able to let her viewers watch her game, she shares her phone screen online. Accidentally as she opened her messager application, she was about to send a photo to her group chat, a private video and photo of her were exposed.

Lot's of her viewers were shocked and even had a double look. She, on the other hand, pretended like it's nothing and immediately canceled the photo she was about to send. But her viewers are quick enough to screen record the awkward moment, and now it is rounding online. We really must be careful using our social media accounts especially when we're on a live video as we share our phone screen in front of thousands of viewers.


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