Statement Of A Teacher About Sexual Harassment Gives Goose Bumps To All Netizens

Nowadays there's a lot of people raising awareness about Rape. They say that it is not based on the clothes you wear. Also, there's a circumstance that proves it is really not based on that. Knowing that even an innocent baby experience the same situation. it really goes beyond the personality that the person has, the behavior matters. Also, Respect is one of the missing attitudes in all persons who did this and sometimes there are wrong in the behavior.

However, it is really disappointing, knowing that either you have a problem with behavior but still you know ow what is right and wrong. Knowing the fact that you have a free will to chose what to base on the concept of good and bad. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of women and innocent children or babies experiencing it from strangers and shockingly by their own relatives.

Recently, there's a viral video of one of the teachers in a well-known university. She said that even you have experienced being raped by one of your family members, you should still be close to them and be thankful as they gift form above. This statement makes her Students feel doubted and nervous as well as Goose Bumps. Knowing that she pertaining to tolerate those actions rather than do actions to save the person.

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