She Caught Partner Man Flirting and Cheating with Another Woman

In this present times where technology is used for easy access to communication. Lots of people also use different social media applications and platforms as a tool to hide that they're cheating with other people. It ruined numerous relationships. Now that cheaters can hide their scheme easily, they also get caught right away.

A woman named Elai confessed about her cheater ex-boyfriend. She caught him chatting with another girl at another messaging application "Telegram". 

She posted the screenshots of the conversations and hid their names and faces. The man even explained to his mistress that he will block her number whenever he's with Elai, her girlfriend. 

Elai even dared to compare their conversation to the chat of his boyfriend to his mistress. His boyfriend even sends the same selfie to the two of them. Elai didn't stop there, she made another account to pretend to be someone else and tried to flirt with his boyfriend, he flirted back and even suggested to continue the conversation via text or telegram. Once again Elai compared their conversations. 

The heartbreaking revelations made netizens to be angry with the guy and even asked for a face reveal. However, Elai didn't respond to any comments. In the conversation, she posted the guy is even persuading her to find another boyfriend and starts to throw insulting words at her. At the end of the post, she remained thankful and hope one day his ex-boyfriend will realize all of his wrongdoings.

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