Private video in exchange for an iPhone and Cash

On the internet, different scams and cyber crimes are happening. People need to be smart when using social media. A new scam revealed after a netizen named Marbenson De Guzman exposed his friend's experience online. Which is an iPhone and 10,000 cash in exchange for a sex video?

The conversation started when the girl approached him to ask how to win the prize. The man named Del Fuente asked if she has a husband, the woman said yes, Del Fuente immediately said that it is a Horny game, she must send a sex video with his husband so she can claim the prize. She quickly threatened the guy that she will expose him on social media, but the man does not care and even ended the conversation saying "Ulol bye" and blocked her afterward.

Some women even post a photo of a phone and thanking Del Fuente for it, but it seems fake because they only use the same picture. Now Marbenson said that it needs to be shared with others to raise awareness of this kind of modus online. Now that social media is widely used. Users need to be smart and be aware of the people they connect with.

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