Riding in Tandem Arrested After Getting Crushed by this SUV

In this life, we should be aware of every situation we may encounter,. Especially when we are going outside our house. For the reason that we cannot foresee what may happen next. Also, in our surroundings, there's a lot of unfortunates event that may occur. And if we are not aware, we may be the ones who will be the victim. Also, we should always ready and at least know how to defend ourselves.

Recently, there's a video uploaded by a Facebook page named Philippine CCTV and Dashcam spotted, it is a clip where a concerned man helps the person who has snatched the things he or she owned by the Riding in Tandem. It was caught in the Dashcam of the SUV. By watching at the video you may notice that the owner of t5he SUV seen the snatching happen beside the road area. Right after the snatch, the Driver, himself immediately drift the SUV to the side where the motorcycle was waiting.

The Driver slightly bumped his car to the motor where the snatchers are riding. Meanwhile, the motor was out of control and the Snatchers fell on the ground. The netizens who saw the event, rashly go to the area where the snatchers fell down. By the means of the effort and the courage that the SUV driver just to help. The snatchers were get arrested.

However, despite the unfortunate situation of the snatchers, we may realize that in this world there are still many people who are willing to help all t5he persons who are u danger.

Here is the clip of the said situation.

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