Pregnant Wife Caught her Husband Under another Woman’s Bed

Marriage is an infinite bond, once you vow for it, you can never get away from it. But most marriages are shattered because of third party issues. Just like the marriage of Josnel and Generson Cordova.

Josnel posted the video online where he caught his husband hiding under another woman’s bed. Based on the video Generson has a relationship with a woman named Danica Casilag, who used to be Josnel’s workmate. 

Her pregnant wife caught them on act and recorded the whole event.

The issue went viral that is reached to a famous YouTube and The television show “Raffy Tulfo In Action”. Raffy Tulfo, the host of the show, talked to the three of them. The wife explained how many times his husband did those things to him, but according to his husband she also misbehaved in their marriage, because there’s this one time where she was caught going to the hotel with another guy and he believes that the baby is not his and he wanted it to confirm through a DNA Test.  

Josnel denied the accusations and explained that it was all a misunderstanding and cannot agree with checking the DNA cause Generson wants her wife to shoulder the expenses. Until Raffy came up with an idea to do a DNA test to confirm if its Gerneron’s baby.

Based on Raffy’s interview between the three of them. The video happened after Danica, the mistress was brought to the barangay and agreed to sign on terms and conditions that she will no longer communicate and have a relationship with Josnel’s wife.

But Josnel had the doubt and decided to follow her into her boarding house, and that’s when Gerson was caught by her wife hiding under the bed. In the end, Josnel announced that she will not revoke the charged against Danica and her husband

Here is the full video: 

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