Pauleen Luna stood up about the age gap issue with Vic Sotto

Host-Actress Pauleen Luna and Host-Actor Vic Sotto were married despite the 34-year-old age gap. Some netizens are always criticizing their relationship and even cyberbully their daughter because of its appearance, yet their family is still happy and does not mind people talking about their family. As we all know, Vic Sotto was the host when Pauleen Luna joined the 'Little Miss Philippines' at the age of seven.

The 34-year age gap with husband Vic Sotto, saying she loves him because of the respect he gives to her. In her Instagram account, the “Chika Besh” host said she was asked by Luchi Cruz-Valdez about the age gap and she wasn’t able to give a "good answer."  “A few weeks ago, we were interviewed by Miss @luchicruzvaldes for her show. She asked me 'How do you deal with the age gap?' I wasn't able to give a good answer because i honestly do not feel the 'gap' that we have,” she said. She continued to think about the question after the show and came up with an answer.  “That afternoon, I thought hard about that question and i came up with an answer, a real answer. 

My husband loves me very much and gives me a certain kind of confidence and security about our relationship but I think the thing I love most about him is the amount of respect he gives me,” she said. “He respects my life decisions, he respects my room to grow and he respects me like an equal,” she added. Pauleen also said that Vic never raised his voice towards her. “Never did i hear my husband raise his voice and felt like I was younger and didn't matter. 

I always felt validated. I always feel important around him. Respect plays a big role in any relationship. I know deep in my heart that it's one of the main reasons why this relationship is so easy,” she said.

The post gathered the emotions of the netizens, and some even admitted how inspiring Pauleen's message was answering the question. Pauleen and Vic tied the knot in January 2016. They have a two-year-old daughter named Talitha. And regardless of the issue being thrown at them, their marriage remains still and lives happily with their daughter.

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