Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto had an intense debate against this Businessman

Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto take legal action against an old man who is involved in the illegal demolition of the houses of two families, Sotto was referring to two families in Barangay San Joaquin whose houses were suddenly hit by a crane while they were still inside. 

The demolition stopped with the quick arrival of police officers. Mayor Vico confronted the old man behind the said demolition.

He questioned the credibility of the operation and told that the action was illegal. Mayor Vico even said that they damaged the road. The old man talked back, the conversation intensifies. The man claimed that what they've done was legal and has all the permits to operate. But the Mayor of Pasig did not shake even if the man was shouting at him. He said that the demolition has no court order. 

The man started to explain that the demolished house of the two families was only an accident, no one believed in him until he confessed that his request for a meeting to the mayor was denied several times.

In the meantime, Sotto said the city would give the families financial aid. In the same barangay, city officials also visited 26 families who were left homeless by a fire. They gave the families financial aid and relief goods. Citizens of Pasig City admired their Mayor for the concern he has to the people.

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