Nursing Students Were Brutally Stabbed

Nursing students were dead in a stabbing in Caloocan. Three nursing students, including two women, were stabbed inside a boarding house in Caloocan City. A person of interest in crime is construction workers. The bloody bodies of Glydl Belonio, Arjay Belencio, and Mona Habibolla were found in a house under construction in the Amparo Subdivision in North Caloocan.

Glydl and Arjay are cousins, while Mona is their friend who just slept at their house. The victims sustained stab wounds to some parts of their bodies. Crime scene authorities recovered the kitchen knives used in the crime. The four persons of interest of the police, three of the construction workers were siblings. They are working in the house being built nearby. 

Two of the persons of interest are already in the custody of the police while two are still wanted. According to police, one of the suspects was fired because of Arjay. The chief added that the knife used in the crime also came from the victims' house. Theft is one of the motives being investigated by the authorities. However, authorities are also looking into other motives of the perpetrators.

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