Nurses were blocked for Helping an injured rider Because they are not Wearing their Uniform

In times of medical emergency and injuries, medical professionals are the ones providing us with what we need. They give aid to our bodies to survive. That's why when there are unexpected situation where hospitals are out of reach, people often asks if there's a nurse around to help. Uniformed or not they still vow for the same word.

This is what the nurses dis when they saw an injured man from an accident, they immediately rushed over to the scene to give first aid to the victim, yet a commander from a motorcycle unit is restraining them to touch the patient because they are not wearing their uniforms and even asks for ID in the middle of the emergency. One of the nurses got angry and told what is the priority. Their ID or the dying patient, yet the commander still insists on an ID and reasoned out that they are just helping the victim.

Nonetheless, the nurses still did a great job and were able to perform the first aid and carried the victim to a stretcher. Lots of netizens reacted to the video and have gone viral and people are now saying that the enforcer is stupid and has nothing to do. The video reached thousands of like comments and views and is now rounding to the internet.

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