Netizens noticed Pastillas Girl Consistently Posting About Her BF Being Ugly

Angelica Jane Yap or “Pastillas Girl” wowed many netizens after she publicized her new achievement. - After her stint on Its Showtime in 2015, she is now a YouTube vlogger. She is in a relationship with Flow G who is a Filipino Musical Artist, Rapper, and Actor from Manila, Philippines. He was associated with the Ex Battalion music group since 2016.

Now that Pastillas Girl is posting on her Facebook page photos of them and about their relationship. Netizens are now starting to notice that her captions are quite insulting, indirectly saying that his boyfriend is ugly.

 People find it more insulting for posting how much she loves her boyfriend yet in some way she is also telling that Flow G is ugly. Some are getting annoyed at her saying that she should not post if she will just caption it with indirect insult.

However, there is no response to the vlogger as well as to her spouse. This is some example from her captions she posted on her social media account "'Wag kang maghanap ng gwapo o maganda, doon ka sa taong napapasaya ka." "Yung gwapo andiyan lang yan, pero yung lalaking takot na mawala ka, bihira yan." "Ang ganda mo sa part na minahal mo yung lalake, dahil sa ugali hindi sa itsura."

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