Netizen gets Mad to Ivanna Alawi for being Arrogant

 Our life is full of mysterious happenings. We can really figure out what will happen next. So a lot of us just go with the flow and enjoy their lives. Others doing their best for the future, they investing something they can benefit from tomorrow or someday. Knowing the fact that we cant determine what will happen in the next day or hours so every little or huge achievement we gain we appreciate and sometimes we share it with our friends.

Recently, there's a viral post from the netizen name Prado Pardillo Jermyn. It is a screenshot of a post of the actress Ivanna Alawi, where she surprises his brother by giving land. There's a comment of one of the viewers name Ogie Atsituab that Ivanna and their family were all arrogant in terms of all they doing and sharing in social media. But if we look at the photo, it seems like that post was pertaining to how Ivanna proud and happy that she gives his brother a gift. 

Ogie also said that the action made by Ivanna is not right nor applicable right now in our situation. Knowing that there's a lot of people suffering hunger due to the Pandemic. On the other side, In spite of what he said concerning in all people who are suffering in this pandemic. Connecting to the word he says that the action made by Ivanna is not right. There's a photo of him that he shared in the social media was he together with his friends drinking alcohol while their food was the meat of the Dog. Recognizing that it is against the Right of the Animals.

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