Netizen Blames Lloyd Cadena for His Own Death

The YouTube Community who knows Lloyd Cadena is mourning and expressing their sadness and sympathy to the late vlogger. He used to bring laughter and joy through his skit videos and vlogs in his audience. He was able to inspire lots of aspiring content creators and was capable of warming the hearts of the people around him. He became the light from a few people who see him as their motivation and idolize him for what he does.

While mourning and grieving for the late comedian, expressing how much they would miss him and grateful for having him as a friend, idol, and inspiration. There is this one man named "Pernell Lucho Elizalde" commented from one of the posts regarding Lloyd's passing. He blames Lloyd for his death and saying it's because he didn't take care of his physical health, and now that he's gone, no one will take care of his expenses and his family will go back to its old life.

 Lot's of people got offended by his statement. They threw hate comments to Pernell and defended Lloyd. One from the commentator even said that "Bat parang ikaw pa namomroblema sa bayarin o gastusin nila? Baka ikaw wala magawa sa buhay kundi makealam at mamuna sa buhay ng mas nkakatulong". Surely some doesn't know how to respect someone's passing and still has the gut to spread negativity. For whatever reason the person's cause of death, he and his family deserves peace because of what happened.

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