Naked woman in Cesar Montano's viral 2018 video greeting revealed herself

The woman from Cesar Montano's 2018 viral birthday video greet revealed herself in a recent birthday greeting for an entertainment columnist Dolly Anne Carvajal.  We all remember that Cesar went viral on social media back 2018 when a naked woman appeared in the background of his video birthday greeting for Barangay Kagawad Chris Morales of Sta. Ana Manila. 

On her Facebook page, Dolly Anne posted a video of Cesar giving her a birthday greeting on September 26. Cesar greeted Dolly and then called out a woman also seen from the background. He joked, referring to previous viral video: "BFF, yung talent ko, nandidiyan na. Sandali, bakit may damit na ito, ah?" The woman then answered, "Siyempre, wholesome tayo ngayon. Happy birthday, Mare. We love you!" Cesar continued and jokingly said, "Next time, yung isa kong talent, available na. ‘Yon talaga, daring ‘yon." After saying that line, the woman was seen making eye roll face in the video.

According to that it confirms she is the same woman from the viral video clip in 2018. Based on the entertainment website, the woman's name is Maria Socorro and she is Cesar's long time partner, who just poked fun at the viral video. Cesar's marriage to Sunshine Cruz was annulled in September 2018. They have three children together, Angelina, Sam, and Chesca.

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