Nadine Lustre Sold Kisses To Her Former Classmate and Says It Turns Into a Real Pokemon

While we are getting older we met lots of people that became a part of our life and making a moment that will serve as memories. Those people are someone like serve as a friend and others are just a person who is just met in someplace that will give a mark. It is so nice to have a friend that we help us and be there while we trying to take the path in our life.

Recently, There's an Instagram post of a netizen that is a former classmate of the well-known actress Nadine Lustre. His name was Paolo and according to his post, before Nadine sold to him kisses, the look-alike tiny pearls that meant to grow when put into the water. He said that Nadine sales talk to him like those kisses will eventually turn into pokemon. In that case, he buys the product of Nadine.

 " Nadine Lustre was my classmate in elementary. She sold me kisses, young parang sago. She told me that when those things grow, thew would turn in to actual pokemon. I still bought them because was a Pokemon Fan. Nadine! Those kisses never turned into Blastoise" - Paolo said.

" Ive lost contact with her since I let the school we were together in, but she was a great friend growing up. Mas kalaro niya kaming boys. Would love to see her in person after so many years pero feeling ko malabo an yun. At malabo ko an say masingil. - he added.

Many netizens especially those fan of Nadine gets laugh withe the clever action made by Nadin before. Knowing how gorgeous and fearless she is. We can't deny the fact that she is a quite naughty girl. However, Nadin Lustre defended herself immediately against her former classmate/ friend who calls him a scammer. Nadine says in response that the information he told to Paolo did not originally come from her, instead of from the sales lady in Divisoria.

“The ates in Divisoria who sold it told me that they were Pokemon. Found out in grade six. Good to know I’m not the only one who was scammed by this,”

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