Mister Cried because of the Last Letter of his Late Wife

Losing a loved one is very difficult to face and accept. Knowing that you are imagining all the plans n your life together with your partner. Never mind the idea that they will be gone. In this life, we never knew what will happen next so that they say that you must create memories and be happy no matter what happens.

There's a quote saying You Only Live Ones so as long as you exist you must love it the way you want it. Enjoy every milestone and moment with your loved ones. Because we never knew when will be the time of the end. So that we should cherish every moment that we have here in the world and make them, your family even your friends happy and you as well.

Recently, there's a post in a page name Trending Viral. It is pertaining to a husband that loses his wife and left their 2 beautiful daughters with him. The man name Boyet shared a hidden note that his wife left on its phone. According to Boyet he had a really hard time opening the not due to it is lock and need to encode a password. However, after a week he finally opens the note and makes time to read the last message from her beloved wife name Gladys Mae.

"This is very personal but wanted to share to all of you. She wrote the note on her iphone last December 2019. I was able to unlock it a week ago. This is the saddest and most beautiful letter/note I've received from you. Ayaw tumigil ng luha ko nung mabasa ko 'to. Akala ko hindi ko mauunlock, Nay! Maraming salamat din sa lahat, someday things will get better, magiging okay din ako — kami. The link (movie soundtrack — married life) and the quote on the latter part were from one of our favorite movies — Disney Pixar's "UP". Just like the movie, the wife died first. We used to watch the movie together with our daughters and lagi nya sinasabi na same sila ni Ellie. Di man tayo umabot sa "until we're grey and old" sulit naman yung 15 years natin!" "Thanks for the adventure, now go have a new one".

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