Look What a Family of COVID19 suspects Did to The Frontliner

The family featured in the 24-oras on GMA has captured the full video today and is being uploaded by a netizen today on social media. The entire situation was captured by a video and immediately uploaded by a netizen to his Facebook account. The quarrel allegedly started and heated up after the medical officer or front-liners who received a report of a suspected COVID case in the area.

The family can be seen in the video is not cooperating with the medical nurse. According to the family, the conversation started heating up after the nurse allegedly spoke unmannered. The nurse further denied that she did not talk rudely and that she was able to communicate well with the family. 

According to the full video that was uploaded, the family is complaining that the response is too late and that they didn't even receive any medical assistance such as vitamins that they need, and now that the nurse is showing up to handle the situation, frustrations from them were not contained. 

They shouted and rudely talked to the nurse, but the nurse stayed calm and composed even when she's explaining. But the family is not listening anymore. They even outcasted the medical officers that will take care of them. They even admit that they resent the government and they wish that their complaints will reach the governor's office. 

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