Lloyd Cadena's Death Was Already Predicted a Year Ago

The immediate shocking news that the late Youtube Vlogger and Content Creator Lloyd Cadena od "LC" passed away. It has brought grieve and despair to everyone who loves and adores him. Especially his family, friends, and his fans. Lloyd brought joy and laughter in his every video and vlogs he posts. He became an inspiration and motivation to others to pursue their goal and career. He helped a lot of people through his influence on the crowd.

He used his platform effectively and engaged in his audience meaningfully. It was shocking when a post from December 7, 2019, from a random account named "RUDY Baldwin" posted a specific description as he warns all the YouTube Vloggers who has 273 thousand of likes and 290 thousand of followers because he was able to seek a vision that there will be a vlogger that has the same basis mentioned from above, will die due to cardiac arrest.

Rudy even advised all the vloggers to take care of their health, because no one will know what may happen to everyone. He even told that he was able to talk to a vlogger that nearly had an accident and they may die if that happened. 

We don't know if predictions are true that is why they are just speculations. But somehow the post was quite true, however, it is still heartbreaking that our beloved YouTube Vlogger Lloyd Cadena passed away unexpectedly. 

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