Lexi Lore Speaks up About the issue of a Filipino fan Having a Scene with Her

Many of our Filipinos want to be famous and be with their idol in one video. Who wouldn't love it especially if they will be so popular with the video? This is probably an "achievement" for us. Considering that we are going to work with our Idol, even in one video or scene. It really makes us happy and that is priceless.

In the last couple of months, Lexi Lore is searching dor a new partner for her upcoming video. After a long wait, Lexi found a suitable partner and he was a Filipino. A netizen named Mec Mec the person which Lexi handpicked. That issue was spreading all over Social media. Knowing that Lexi Lore is one of the well-known girls in the field of Social Media.

Recently, Lexi Lore gave the statement due to the hot issue. Also, she claims that all of that is fake. Including the Facebook Page entitled with her name. In addition, Lexi states that the issue pertaining to she choose a lucky Filipino Netizen name Mec Mec in person to be her partner in her new video was fake.

"It's not true that I'm having a scene with a Filipino fan" - Lexi said.

Here is the clip of Lexi Claiming that the Issue and the Facebook Page was all Fake.

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