Leng Allegedly Pregnant From Controversial Tiktok Video

Arlene Altura or popularly known as “Leng” is one of the most popular female personalities on social media. Leng is known for her dance cover videos on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and other social media platforms. She rose to fame and garnered instant popularity after posting daring photos and dance videos.

Now she was seen dancing to one of her TikTok videos, but people noticed her large tummy that almost looks like a baby bump. She even danced carefully and slowly unlike from her other dance covers. Which the audience finds it suspicious. People started to mob the video and comments and speculations flooded. Some even dared to ask if she's pregnant, while her fans are defending her, that people are just malicious. 

But hours after the video was viral. Leng immediately cleared the speculations that she is not pregnant, she reasoned out that the video was taken after a shoot for a samgyupsal restaurant. Some believed her while others believed what they saw from the video. 


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