Korean Netizens Bashed a Filipina influencer and Sparks the Trend CancelKorea Hashtag on Twitter

Citizenship is very important for every person. Knowing that it is a part of our personality and it declares our Identity. In theirs a lot of Citizenship that makes everyone unique and identifies. Also in every person knowing their citizenship makes them have the confidence to engage in all people. However, not all people know that it is really important for us. Kowing that it makes us aware and we should proud of it.

Recently, there's a viral post in social media about the Famous Filipina TikToker name Bella Poarch. The issue was about her controversial tattoo that International netizens bashed her.  Bella is one of the popular influencers nowadays. she gains a 15 and 2 million followers in Tiktok and Instagram, respectively. 

Many Korean citizens are bashing her for her body tattoo about the Japans' Rising Flag in her arm. Knowing that it is associated with the Japanese Imperialism and it makes the Koreans too offensive, due too back then, when World War II happened, Japan does an Imperial treatment to Korea under Colonial Rule.

Lots of Korean judges her and all the Filipino. This show as an act of Discrimination and Racism that is against the Rights of Every Human. Also as an action to that issue, lots of Filipino netizens support Bella after getting Bashed for every Koreans. They use the hashtag to Cancel Korea. It really disappoints a lot Of Filipino knowing that we are loving the product or specifically the Kdrama, but the way they treated us makes it all change.

On the other side, Bella Poarch apologizes to Koreans and says that she will correct all her mistakes and educate others for the history of the flag so that the situation will prevent them from occurring. She also decides to remove her tattoo, however despite her action and admitting her mistakes she still judges and One of the netizens says "Poor Country, Non-Educated and Short People."

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