JV Ejercito blocked a netizen for suggesting 'Plunder' as dog's name

A Filipino politician and legislator who served as a Senator of the Philippines, Joseph Victor Gomez Ejercito, or commonly known as JV Ejercito or JV Ejercito Estrada, is the son of the former Philippine president Joseph Estrada.

JV first served as Mayor of San Juan from 2001 to 2010 before running and winning a seat in the congress for one term in 2010 serving up to 2013. After finishing his only term as a Congressman, he ran immediately and won in the Senate year 2013.

He posted on his twitter account asking for a suggestion for his new dog’s name. He attached a picture of him together with his dog and said “Meet the newest member of our family! Can you help me give her a name? Our 2 other Corgis’ names are Waffles and Pancakes.”

An account named “Mac Zamora” replied saying “How about Plunder” unexpectedly, Ejercito replied and said “Get a life. You are such a loser. Bitter. Typical inggitero” They answered each other’s tweet until Mac posted a screenshot of JV Ejercito’s profile and it seems that he was blocked by JV.

He even captioned the tweet saying “Bakit politico balat sibuyas? Nag suggest lang naman ako ng pangalan Nung aso nya kasi nagtweet sya. Told him Plunder would make a cute puppy name. Got mad like hell. And blocked me…”

In 2016, JV Ejercito was suspended from the Senate as he faced graft charges for the anomalous purchase of firearms using the calamity funds. Last year, Ejercito shared that his “lucky car” for 10 years was among the cars that were affected by the fire that burned down an auto repair shop.

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