Julia Barretto protecting Liza Soberano from Bashers in this Video

Kapamilya actress Julia Barreto protects Co-Star Liza Soberano from bashers seen in a video clip. The two of them are known to be friends off cam. People see them in some places, hanging out together. They also express how they appreciate the beauty of each other how they continue to empower one another.

In a video clip together with Robi Domingo, they talked about video games. Liza expressed that she prefers AOV or Act of Valor than ML or Mobile Legends. Julia was trying to stop Liza from saying it because she said that a lot of people love it. Julia clearly knows how people will react if Liza continued her confession. Liza described that playing AOV is for big girls and boys, ML is a cute game. At the end of the clip, Liza ran away from the video while all of them are laughing.

Some netizens appreciated Julia for trying to protect Liza. They admire their friendship. Also, other people find Liza's opinion offensive and even expressed that after hearing her words, they don't like her anymore. Some of Liza's supporter agreed to the actress that AOV is much more fun to play than ML.

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